Behind the star is over 130 years of automobile history.Trust in the experience.

Episode 1: Bertha' s great adventure
Bertha' s great adventure.
In 1886, Carl Benz invented a machine the likes of which the world had never seen before: the automobile. Two years later, his wife dared to take it on the first long-distance trip. It was a trip of around 100 kilometres, characterised by strong confidence in the Patent Motor Car. It became the departure point into the future of mobility. And its echo reverberates all the way to autonomous driving.
Episode 2: Steer and let steer.
Steer and let steer.
Very soon after the invention of the automobile by Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, the steering wheel revolutionised the operation of the motor car. It is still an important man-machine interface in today's vehicles. It has long since not only transmitted steering inputs, but is a versatile command instrument besides. However, in self-driving cars it will take a back seat at least some of the time.
Episode 3: Technology with vision.
Technology with vision.
Good light and good sight are an important basis for safe driving. The development of headlamps, windscreen wipers, etc., accompanied the history of innovations of the automobile – and, by way of the Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle, it already extends into the future.
Episode 4: Systematic protection.
Systematic protection.
Continuous research in the interest of safety is tradition at Mercedes-Benz. Following milestones of passive and active safety, the focus these days is on integral safety that comprises all systems.
Episode 5: Digital safety.
Digital safety.
Today's cars are almost inconceivable without electronics. They are at the ready visibly and invisibly and perform important jobs. Among the most important components are assistance systems that support the driver and make driving safer. The history of electronics in the automobile began in the 1960s and the first assistance system was ABS.
Episode 6: Best co-pilot.
Best co-pilot.
The car itself has long since become the superb co-pilot for the driver: always attentive and always with the best route in mind. It supports the driver with connected technology. It even parks in the tightest spaces at the touch of a button – and will in future navigate to the destination autonomously. At Mercedes-Benz, all components and systems are integrated into the comprehensive concept of 'Intelligent Drive'.
Episode 7: Open for the future.
Open for the future.
Wer in die Zukunft schauen möchte, kann ja mal eben dorthin fahren. So, wie Mercedes-Benz mit dem Forschungsfahrzeug F 015 Luxury in Motion. Es blickt in eine Zeit in vielleicht zwanzig oder dreißig Jahren, in der autonomes und unfallfreies Fahren Alltag ist. Und in der Technologien, die heute das Topniveau markieren, von neuen Erfindungen abgelöst sind.
Episode 8: On the road to autonomous driving.
On the road to autonomous driving.
Every new Mercedes-Benz turns the future into the present: it offers the latest technologies, and as a result, each vehicle of the brand pushes boundaries time and again. The latest vehicle is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class – the world's most intelligent executive saloon.